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hi i'm joanna

about me // i'm a 

therapist, a creative,

meaning maker, & a

v big compassion 



let's normalize talking about feelings,

mental health, the hard and vulnerable,

and the imperfect humanness within

all of us.

get in touch 

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let's be email friends

each month

you'll get a note from me with my thoughts and honest reflections

+ guiding prompts for you.

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i spent my 20s struggling with the comparison trap, not feeling good enough, and masking my fears with perfectionism.


now as a therapist with lived experience with anxiety, depression, and a previously  über funky relationship with food and exercise, i hold space for others as they work through their own shadow parts.


through my own journey, and in witnessing the innerwork of hundreds of incredible humans i'm humbled to have worked with over the last decade, i've learned how much our stories, narratives, and self-limiting beliefs hinder and prevent us from joy and connection. i  believe that with more mental health education, self-compassion, self-awareness, and less shame, we can all find a soft landing spot within ourselves and in our lives.

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