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feeling feelings course 

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this self-paced course is an intro into how to identify, understand, and feel feelings. in less than 3 hours, you will get psychoeducation on what emotions are and what they're trying to tell you, mixed with practical steps and a guide into the messy art of feeling your feels from the lens of self-compassion and acceptance.

this course is not a replacement for therapy or receiving professional mental health support. 

here's what's included —

the psychoeducation none of us got

  • 3 sections + 10 lessons on what emotions are, what gets in the way, recognizing feelings in your body, and how to begin to practice feeling and regulating emotions on your own 

  • 30 page workbook to deepen and supplement your course

  • 30 audio clips to use alongside course modules & lessons

  • 5 minute closing meditation on compassion + acceptance

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10 lessons, 3 hours, all for half the cost of one 1:1 therapy session

in module one

you'll learn what emotions are, where they come from, how to identify them, and how to engage with your emotions

in module two

you'll look at the role of stigma and socialization on our relationship with emotions & explore discomfort, coping, + emotional regulation strategies

in module three

you'll be introduced to the foundations of feeling feelings & learn how to use compassion, validation, and acceptance of your emotions

Module 3
Module 2
Module 1

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